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The five advanced features of the capferrat mattress revolutionize your sleep concept


In the era of 5G, the integration of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology, and traditional home industry is intensifying, sparking a new wave of intelligent industry boom. Especially in the field of intelligent sleep, there is a constant influx of new and old forces, giving birth to batches of cutting-edge products.

At the recently concluded Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition, well-established mattress companies such as Xilinmen, Seno, and Zhihuashi also began to increase their layout in the field of intelligent sleep and launch corresponding products. Among many new faces, there are also powerful dark horse brands, and Cappella is one of them.

Sleep program provider, born only for "deep sleep"

In the fast-paced era, "deep sleep" has become a luxury for many urbanites. According to the 2020 China Youth Sleep Status Report released by the China Sleep Research Association, which surveyed nearly 60000 people, only 11% of people were able to "sleep in one night", while the other respondents stated that they would wake up in the middle of the night.

And "deep sleep" plays a crucial role in human health, and the "sub healthy" state of modern people is closely related to poor sleep. Sleeping soundly can help the brain and body rest, regulate hormone balance, and most importantly, enhance immunity and stay away from diseases.

Since its inception, the material of mattresses has undergone several leaps and thousands of patented technologies have been invented, all for the purpose of sleeping more comfortably. Capferrat was born in 2012 and is headquartered in Beijing. It is a smart sleep ecosystem provider that integrates sleep, health, and comfort.

Adhering to the concept of "making sleep more enjoyable", Cappella uses five core deep sleep technologies, namely a moisturizing skin system, silent and high-energy support, intimate fit curve, green and environmentally friendly material selection, and anti mite and dehumidification technology, to make the mattress perfectly fit the curve of the human body, constantly supporting various sleeping positions, allowing you to fully relax your muscles and spine when you fall asleep, sleep all night long, recharge your body, and welcome the next day's work and life with the best mental state.

Exclusive five advanced features, making it a choice for deep sleep

Most mattresses nowadays have functions such as soft and hard partition control and sleep monitoring. The mattress itself automatically adjusts its softness and hardness based on the user's sleep data collection and analysis, and generates a health report. This is just the foundation. If we cannot break out of it, then the mattress will also find it difficult to achieve more long-term development.

Cappella is deeply aware of this and has advanced five major functions, including waist and neck traction therapy, segmented soft and hard adjustment, voice call service, mild snoring relief, and automatic wake-up service, on top of basic functions such as mattress softness and hardness adjustment, remote control of head and tail lifting, real-time sleep detection, and sleep management, allowing the mattress to undergo a different transformation.

Lumbar and neck traction therapy: The mattress is equipped with traction functions on both sides, which can effectively alleviate lower back pain and other conditions;

Segmented soft and hard adjustment: Determine body shape and signs, automatically adjust the required soft, hard, and support force for each part;

Relieve mild snoring: Automatically sense and gently adjust your sleeping position, effectively relieving snoring without worrying about waking up TA;

Automatic wake-up service: Equipped with a physical alarm clock, it can deeply detect a person's breathing and activate the wake-up service when the user is in a light sleep state.

Among them, the most talked about feature is the soft and hard adjustment function. Unlike regular mattresses, Cappella's soft and hard adjustments are not only adjustable in different zones, but also automatically recognize your body's needs in both the left and right zones for adjustment. Moreover, users can efficiently and conveniently adjust the softness and hardness of the mattress through various forms such as voice, apps, and remote controls, making comfortable sleep within reach.

Mattresses, the core is still mattresses, followed by intelligence. As the primary solution for mattresses, the issue of soft and hard support is still the most important. After meeting the most basic and core issues of soft and hard support adjustment, Cappella mattresses have truly become a modern product that combines health and intelligence through the development of five advanced functions. While providing users with a comfortable sleep experience, meeting various needs in life, making the mattress resemble artificial intelligence, reading your thoughts and understanding your body language better than you.

Of course, Cappella's "intelligence" also accurately understands your concern for your parents' health and has developed a remote care function that can protect their health in daily life:

As Cappella advocates, having a good mattress leads to a lifetime of good sleep. Having Capferra not only allows you to embrace a long lost sleep experience, but also allows you to worry free and protect the health of your family.