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What should you know before you buy a mattress?


One third of one's Day is spent in bed, so we must buy a comfortable mattress. Many people ask what kind of mattress is good, and the correct way is which kind of mattress is more suitable for us. What should you know before you buy a mattress? How to use it after buying it?

First, don't use the mattress given by the bedstead. The mattress is far more important than the bedstead. Those genuine leather mattresses that cost tens of thousands of yuan still sleep on the mattress given by the bedstead. There are many people who don't tear the plastic film.
Second, 99% of the mattresses contain glue. You can see that they are a whole sheet. In fact, there are many layers of filling layers that need to be fixed with glue. The more expensive the mattress is, the more filling projects there are.
Third, mattress profiteering to you can't think of more than 5000 belong to the high-end, more than 10000 are to show off their wealth, with the material accumulation of sleep and thousands of no big difference.
Fourth, fat people buy hard, thin people buy soft, like to sleep on the side to buy soft, like to lie flat or sleep on the stomach to buy hard, whether the mattress is suitable for themselves? Try to sleep is very important!
So, deep sleep starts with the core
For every 10 high-end mattresses, one is called "capferra":
Since its establishment in 1940, kappfeira has been focusing on the field of sleep, aiming to bring deep sleep to every sleeper through its spring technology. Headquartered in New Jersey, it has a modern production base with a construction area of 650000 square feet and many core technologies in the industry. After more than half a century of development, kapfela has become one of the important representatives of the European and American high-end mattress market.
Behind every spring is a high R & D effort
Since its establishment, kapfela has never stopped its research and development in the field of sleep. The company invests more than US $10 million in R & D every year. Through independent R & D and cooperation with the laboratory of University of science and technology, the company creates sleep spring technology and deep sleep system, and creates a real healthy sleep for consumers with perfect support and pressure relief.
1. The middle and high-end mattresses are all supported by springs, and every product of capferra is made of first-class materials. The company has selected first-class materials such as Belgium Carter fabric, latex washed by latex co process, high-grade East Asian soybean cotton, etc. to create an incomparable superior quality, healthy and comfortable pure life.
2. Led by Danie Wilson, capferra's design team boldly integrates modern fashion elements into the design of each work. Through the use of unique style, tone and fabric, it shows its artistic attainments, and is committed to a new artistic height of home life.
3. Kappfeira focuses on R & D and innovation of spring technology to create a sleep spring, which is named after Arthur, who is respected by the English people. It is hoped that Arthur spring can protect everyone's deep sleep and healthy life. Arthur is made of carbon Meng material with perfect proportion by high temperature quenching. While retaining sufficient supporting force and effectively protecting the spine, it provides comfortable resilience for the body and delivers high-end quality of health and comfort.