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What type of mattress is better now?


There are indeed many types of mattresses nowadays, but it cannot be said which one is the best, after all, the purpose of mattresses is to get better sleep, so only by choosing the one that suits oneself is the best.

The selection of a mattress can be based on the following criteria: Is it well supported? Does it fit well with the body? Is there any breathability? Can it be earthquake resistant and noise proof?

The support of a mattress is very important. Only when a mattress has good support can it play a supporting role in the body, maintain the normal physiological curvature of the spine, and maintain physical health.

Fit refers to the natural fit of the mattress to the body when lying down, making the user's body feel more comfortable, which can also have a positive effect on sleep quality.

And breathability is equally important. Mattresses are not breathable, and sleeping may cause sweating, making it difficult for the skin to breathe, and may also cause water accumulation, posing a certain threat to physical health.

Earthquake resistance and noise prevention are things that many couples or couples are concerned about. If you can shake the bed with just one flip, it can have a significant impact on your partner's sleep.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of mattresses:

Spring mattress: affordable, with good elasticity and strong support; But the fit is average, the sleeping sensation is harder, and the absorption of noise is poor, which can easily affect the sleep of people around them.

Latex mattress: an environmentally friendly product with excellent support, good elasticity, and the ability to inhibit bacteria and mites. It is not easy to step on and is durable; But maintenance is complex and more expensive. There are still a very small number of allergic reactions.

Coconut palm mattress: low in counterfeiting, relatively natural, but with poor elasticity and toughness, and containing sugar, prone to insect growth. It also uses composite glue as a binder, which has formaldehyde problems.

Memory Cotton Mattress: Slow rebound can help relieve stress and is more suitable for the elderly; But it is prone to heat accumulation, has average heat dissipation, and is prone to deformation during use.

The mattress is most important for sleeping comfortably~

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