In 1883, the founder of capferra mattress, George capferra, was born into a family of furniture craftsmen in Belgium. George, who inherited his ancestral skills, was famous when he was young. He was requisitioned by the royal family of Belgium as a royal furniture craftsman to create fine furniture for the then King Albert。

In the early 20th century, spring was gradually used in sofa. George found that the addition of spring can make the human body get better support, also can let the body get a good relaxation, provide a comfortable experience. George was inspired in the spring sofa, he hopes a mattress can effectively support the human spine. With unremitting efforts, George designed a set of load-bearing system suitable for human spine by using spring, and created the first kapfela mattress. Because of its extreme comfortable experience, kapfela mattress is highly recognized by the royal family of Belgium.

During World War II, the kapferras moved to the United States. In New Jersey, George set up a sleeping equipment factory in kapfera. The perfect industrial system in the United States provides strong support for the manufacture of kapferra. The Royal quality of kapfera has been recognized by more and more people, and has become one of the most popular mattresses in the United States.

In 1994, the successor of George kappfeira, the famous American home designer Luke kappfeira, became the successor of kappfeira company. Luke is committed to the combination of traditional manufacturing technology and modern life style, and to carry forward kapfela.

In the 1990s, the crop circle event attracted widespread attention all over the world. Luke has a strong interest in the pattern of the crop circle, and he finds that this mysterious pattern has extremely accurate golden scale structure and natural and harmonious visual experience. Inspired by the pattern of the crop circle, Luke is committed to creating a mattress that can divide the human body into golden gravity, which can give the spine and muscles a real rest, and the human body can get a long-lasting deep sleep mattress product.

After years of in-depth research, relying on the century old traditional manufacturing process and advanced spring technology, capferra team has developed the zero pressure deep sleep mattress. Cappfella deep sleep mattress, with its royal quality and excellent deep sleep experience, has become one of the leading brands of high-end mattresses in Europe and America.


Led by Danie Wilson, one of the world\'s top designers, the design team of capferra boldly integrates modern fashion elements into the design of each work. Through the use of unique style, tone and fabric, it shows its unique artistic attainments, and is committed to a new artistic height of home life。