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Mattress purchase avoid pit Guide: mattress ion is not good, sleep is a big problem, read these befo


We summed up some hard core knowledge of mattresses before: after sleeping in 100 beds, tell you about mattresses.
Three years later, workers are still struggling with sleep.
Buying a suitable mattress is not an easy thing. If the ear root is soft, it will fall into various kinds of fancy traps on the market.
As a small white, when buying mattress, it is easy to fall into the wrong area.
The most popular products on the market are spring mattress and latex mattress, so this time we emphasize that come to see if you have any action~
Wrong idea of choosing mattress
The most important thing about the sleep of mattress is the support and soft hardness.
Among them, spring mainly affects the bearing property and service life of mattress, and the filling layer mainly affects the soft hardness of mattress.
1 the softer the mattress, the more comfortable?
Many people think that the more soft the mattress is, of course, the more comfortable it is to sleep.
But in fact, the softness of the mattress is like coriander. Some people are happy and worried. Choosing the mattress suitable for their sleep is the most comfortable mattress.
Spring mattress usually uses three kinds of springs: independent bag spring, LFK open spring, and fine buckle spring.
Independent bag spring: soft and hard to sleep, suitable for those who sleep shallow and easy to disturb the double bed
This spring, small in both ends and large in the middle, makes abnormal noise due to the card spring; independent packaging makes the piece not affected when it works, so it has the function of mute and anti-interference. Sleeping on the same bed, no one beside can roll or be disturbed.
2 the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable?
The three springs we mentioned above are almost 18cm high, that is, the thickness of the mattress is not related to the spring, or the filling layer.
The filling layer is not the thicker the better.
The overall height of mattress is suitable in the range of 22-28cm. The filling layer of 6-8cm is enough to meet the needs of the three groups with moderate sleep feeling.
Stubborn pursuit of thickness, add a layer of hard fill, and add a layer of soft fill, in fact, and the initial effect is the same.
Moreover, the thickness and excess of the filling layer will make the permeability of the mattress poor, and it is easy to breed germs.
The following recommended combination schemes of Spring + filling layer soft hardness:
Like the hard sleep: wonderful and buckle spring (18cm) + hard sponge (2cm) + tralele latex (2cm) + flexible sponge (2cm)
Like soft sleep: LFK open spring (18cm) + hard sponge (3cm) + flexible sponge (2cm)
Like soft and hard moderate sleep: independent bag spring (18cm) + coconut brown (2cm) + flexible sponge (2cm) + memory cotton (2cm)
3 the more high-tech mattress is, the more comfortable?
Mattress is a labor-intensive product. In the process of production, the input of labor factors accounts for a considerable proportion. In contrast, the mattress contains not much technology and technology.
Those so-called mattress black technology, in fact, belong to the category of labor force output, and is totally different from the industries that need to invest technology and capital vigorously with artificial intelligence and 5g. The latter consumers pay for high-end, advanced and advanced technology. It is understandable that the high cost and high price can be understood. The black technology of mattress is really unnecessary.
Moreover, mattress industry is becoming more transparent at present, technology, material and so on are very clear. How good the so-called high-tech mattress is, more from the marketing of "believe it, not believe it, no", or a "gimmick", no one can test its authenticity.
Therefore, for our ordinary migrant workers, as long as the mattress matches their sleep feeling and price, it is worth starting to determine that the quality of spring steel and filling materials that make up the mattress belongs to the best.
Of course, the sense of sleep is a too subjective psychological feeling, in fact, will change constantly. We are pursuing different sleep feeling at different stages. Therefore, the mattress with the highest cost performance should be adjusted at any time according to your own situation.
4. Mattress anti mite and mite removal?
Mites are a kind of microorganism with a size less than 1 mm and can parasitize the human skin.
Proper amount of mites can help maintain the human skin environment, and over proliferation may cause some dermatitis related symptoms.
It takes human sweat, secretion and peeling dandruff as food, so it often wanders around the dust dust accumulation places such as carpet, quilt, mattress, pillow, floor, sofa, etc. especially in spring and summer, mites will breed rapidly and in large quantities.
So, to break up with mites completely, I advise you to stop this idea.
There are three ways to remove mites from traditional mattress
Chemical mite removal: generally, chemical raw materials are added to the fabric to remove mites, but they will fail after a period of time; physical mite prevention: it refers to the use of high-density fabrics, so that mites can not drill through, but mites seem unnecessary to drill in, and can live on the surface as well as have a good taste; mite remover: dust cleaner can be removed, but mites can be completely cut off The growth conditions of, is impossible.
The conditions for removing mites thoroughly need to be satisfied: high temperature (higher than 50 ℃) + low humidity (relative humidity less than 50%) + time.
If there are conditions, or often wash more often dry ventilation, choose a mattress that can be washed and dried.
5 mattress 0 formaldehyde?
We don't go over the harm of formaldehyde.
Formaldehyde and mites, in life everywhere, most of them exist in the board, paint, paint, glue, wood floor, and other places, a variety of knitting fabrics will also have.
In the process of making fabric, formaldehyde is needed to be added to the additives in order to achieve the functions of crease proof, shrinkage prevention and flame retardant, or to maintain the durability of printing and dyeing and improve the hand feel.
The traditional mattress filling layer mostly uses adhesive, in which hot melt adhesive is solid at room temperature and is an environmental friendly adhesive, but some bad businesses will use spray adhesive with low price and harmful substances.
Now there are many mattress brands with 0 glue filling layer on the market, which is healthy and environmental protection.
No matter which, when buying, we should pay attention to the test data and buy the brand products with guarantee after-sale. As long as formaldehyde content is lower than the national standard, you can place an order at ease.
In addition, because formaldehyde is dissolved in water, after buying mattress, you can think of a way to wash the fabric layer, ventilate, and also keep indoor ventilation.
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